Saturday, March 23, 2013

Regarding the research slots being full in stations.

This will be the first of several blogs focusing on some of the things that we have mentioned in the "Features & Ideas Discussion" threads on the official forums.
There are several things we talk about in GetCo over the years that really make us scratch our heads and have to just ask why CCP does the things it does. At times we even hear some of the people in our alliance ask the same questions. Even when I talk to other alliances I hear some of the same questions over and over again. Funny (strange) that so many people would have the same viewpoints, thoughts and opinions on some of the basic problems that we see in Eve that are never addressed.

Problem identified

Regarding the research slots being full in stations, especially the ME and COPY. CCP has always limited this. Why? What is the reason for making the "lurkers" of Eve that live in High Sec space (for the most part) lives so much harder?

Current answer

Players that create POS's (player owned structures) in low or null sec can avoid this problem (at a much greater cost) without having all the wait times or lack of slots.

GetCo's answer

If you really wanted to throw a curve into it, add faction standings as a requirement. Say at least a +5 or +6 standing. It would be similar to placing a POS. 

Additional bonus

That would cut out some alt's doing research.

And another idea

Adjust the price of research of it based on standings. A +10 faction standings would be the cheapest prices since there shouldn’t be any NEGATIVE Concord security standing pilots doing research in Empire at all.

Yet another idea

As a ISK sink, I think you should have additional options while renting a office. Why not add rentable Research slots to the office options to your office rent.

Final thoughts on this?

Let a +10 faction status mean something besides LP points. Makes the profession of doing this mean more and makes the players that do it have more worth while at the same time weeding out all of the bad apples.

Your thoughts?

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