Saturday, March 23, 2013

When does a "Sandbox" need to cleaned?

Keeping with the previous posts on how some people are playing their run for the CSM as "the game" I am going to take a few key quotes from James315's website. I find his misdirection not only fascinating but also 100% see through. The elections will be fun to watch for sure :-)

ok, James315 starts out with this beauty.

"After the candidates are determined, I will provide some information about them, to help everyone know which candidates have appropriate views on highsec, and which candidates have more malignant tendencies."

That right there folks is what we call "a tell" since James will not be running for the CSM8 seat now. He actually dropped out before I thought he would :-( since I knew he was playing "the game" all along.

Then he comes out with this insightful one.

"MinerBumping is quintessential EVE. Not only does MinerBumping showcase proper, legitimate EVE play, it showcases ideal EVE play, and provides a positive example for other players to follow. Suicide ganking a fleet of Mackinaws and then posting the ridiculous, tear-filled EVEmail sent by the mining ships' owner is absolutely in the spirit of EVE. That's true whether the ganker is a player, a CSM representative, the CSM Chairman, or an employee of CCP."

That statement shows you not only where his logic is flawed but also where he gets others to buy into his Rhetoric. It is amazing he has the following he has. Then there is this beauty!

"In the past, I have written at length on my concerns about the direction of EVE. I speculated freely about the possibility that CCP would introduce a series of nerfs to highsec aggression. As it turned out, my speculation proved to be accurate. Ironically, had I been a member of the CSM at the time, I probably would have had access to more information to back up my claims--but I would have been prohibited from writing on the subject."

Oh James, you are defiantly one of the reasons the Eve subscription numbers are so low! I am not putting the direct blame on you, Heavens no! Your just one of many people and reasons why CCP Seagull is working on trying to REVERSE this effect and find ways for MORE PEOPLE TO PLAY EVE! Your "concerns" are the same concerns that CCP now has. The part that you do not understand is that CCP wants more subscribers and you, dear James315 would take that away.

I also think that you even thought of this, so this is why you wrote this next.

"Before, I would have been guaranteed a seat at the table in Iceland, receiving one of the top seven vote tallies (regardless of whether STV was used). Now a new scenario presents itself, one in which CCP declines to include me--based on my platform, reputation, attitude or whatever--but in which I would still be under the NDA for a year or more. If the CSM is increasingly viewed by CCP as obsolete, or if they view it as a pool from which they pick and choose the useful candidates and marginalize the rest, then I must adjust my cost-benefit analysis of giving up my platform in order to take a seat on the CSM."

I agree with you on this, go figure right? :-) since it is a little of all of the above that would of kept you away. I believe this as much as you do. How about that! We can agree on something! :-)

So after reading all of this would you expect what he wrote next?

"Again, I return to the question I asked earlier: Does a (non-Iceland?) seat on the CSM offer enough influence to justify going under the NDA, as opposed to having someone else on the CSM who shares my views but doesn't have a comparable platform to give up? At this point, to ask the question is to answer it. Accordingly, I am withdrawing from the CSM8 race. Today was the last day to submit my application to CCP to include my name on the ballot for the first round of voting. Instead of sending my application in, I wrote this post."

WOW is all I can say. James315, I may not agree with you on 99% of what you say but at least you were saying something! There are not enough people in Eve that speak up. You fortunately are one of them. Because of people like you, people like me have come out to expose the things in Eve that make it the sandbox that we all want to enjoy. I wish you would of at least ran to see if "the game" would of let you become a CSM member. I would of bet that you would of made it.

Anyways, for those that say "TL DR" here is the summery.

James315 is out of the race. I'll blog on the others that will most likely fail to "the game" as well.

Waiter! Check please!

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