Monday, May 6, 2013

New features coming out in Odyssey

Hello everyone,

Today's rant is not one directed at any one person, it is a rant direct at a LOT of people. I made this video at fanfest that goes over a few of the new features that will be coming out in Odyssey. The Dev you hear talking is CCP Soundwave. This video is just over 11 minutes and gives you a little sneak peak in what to expect in the next expansion. This video was on the HD stream for those that purchased it.

Now if you read one of my past rants you will have read why I think that the changes to Ice mining are a GOOD THING. The new scanning system along with the Ice belts respawning every 4 hours after depletion is a GOOD thing for us hard working miners and a bad thing for bots :-)

Now for those folks out there that are saying that CCP has never done this before your wrong. I will take you back to 2006...

I generally don't announce roleplayed news on the forums, but there are times when attention needs to be drawn to them. Some ice fields in high security, high traffic systems will deplete themselves over the coming days, as they were not intended to be in these areas. There are other fields that will suffer the same fate in the near future.

This will have an impact on the ability of smaller corporations and more advanced, new players to generate ISK, but this will also have a (hopefully) major impact on some of the RMT strip mining operations in high-sec space.

Due to caching, some of these depleted ice fields will continue to appear in the client right-click menu. This will be patched out in the near future, but it can also be resolved by clearing your cache. Be warned, clearing your cache can have other effects on your client, such as removing all sorting of bookmarks and other personal settings.

Community Manager,
EVE Online

So you can see that was step one way back in the day...

I have also said several times in previous blogs that my corp GetCo have been Ice miners since Eve brought Ice to us as something we could interact with. We view these changes as a GOOD thing and so should you.  Ice mining is a way to obtain necessary and useful things from our Eve sandbox. Without mining, POS life and capital ship battles as we know it would not be possible. Too many of the things we must have come from the Ice belts. Isotopes and Liquid Ozone are particularly high on the list. The list goes on....

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  1. I'm waiting on the sidelines wondering whether people will mine ten times more ice in low/null than they do now, or whether ice prices will simply rise so high that noone can afford to run capital ships and jump bridges.