Tuesday, April 30, 2013

As Chicken little would say: “The ICE is falling, the ice is falling”

Actually, as Chicken little SHOULD say: “The Sky is falling, the sky is falling”

For those that do not understand here is a link to the reference.

To help the reader along that is not in GetCo and not in our current alliance I will let you know that GetCo offers everyone an "Ice Purchasing Scheme" for their benefit. We pay our members Jita Market prices without having to take all of their products to Jita to sell them. Saves them a lot of time and money in all of the logistics involved with it.

That being said, GetCo was also at this years fanfest. GetCo also spent a lot of time talking with many CCP developers, some of the CSM 7 & 8 members in great depth about the new Ice Mining changes.

Why did/do we do this?

Because we knew that everyone would go into “panic mode” on wide “market speculations". We wanted to make sure that we fully understood what this means to you, how much ISK you can make, and what the REAL bottom lines are. So, in no particular order I will address the things that we see in GetCo as being the GOOD benefits of these changes.

1)    Ice Mining will be twice as fast. This means that you will be able to mine more in the same amount of time then you were before. Bottom line with this? You make more ISK per hour. In the simplest terms. YOU MAKE MORE ISK PER HOUR! THIS IS A GOOD THING!

2)    The belt respawns after being depleted. SO WHAT!!! Ore belts already do this. The difference with the Ore belts is that once they are depleted they do not respawn till after downtime. The ice belts will do it after four hours. THIS IS ALSO A GOOD THING!

3)    The changes they did to the ice mining system by moving it from the static belt to the new scanner system is that it will make it more difficult for ice botters to mine their ice. The changes that they will do will make it easier for CCP to track and then ban them. THIS IS ALSO A GOOD THING!

4)    Ice prices will go up right now and then as everyone figures this out they will go back down to where they were before all this panic started. There is no need to panic and if you want to cash in on all the crazy speculation then be all means be our guest. We will not be taking part in all the shenanigans.

So for those that were TL:DR

GetCo will most likely start the operations again for all of you on July 5th. That is when we believe that the markets and the silly speculators will have finished with their silly willy ways.
…and before you say “but how can you be sure of all of this”?

GetCo has been mining ICE since ICE was introduced into Eve online. It is what we do. Between what we know and when we spoke to CCP Developer Dr. Eyjólfur G. (EVE's chief economist) he confirmed it. You can see ROCK MELTER asking him (and the CSM members) questions to that and other questions on the recorded fanfest streams.

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