Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Missile changes REV 3

ok, time for a different direction for a rant today. This is a topic that my corp GetCo and I will have once every quarter it seems. We always start talking about it and by the end of it we are all somewhat mad at how things have progresses on this topic. If I get positive feedback on this rant it will become a regular feature.

So what made me decide to write about it today? Well I was over at Poetic Stanziel reading the latest blog and nodding as I was reading it. Usually do when I am reading over there. You should follow them if your into that internet spaceship reading and stuff. Anyways, here is the snippet that really caught my attention.

It has annoyed me to no end that CCP has refused to release the voting numbers on a day-by-day basis, as they did last year. I'm not sure what the fuck CCP's problem is with releasing information like this, but every year they get more secretive and stingy with information they used to be free with.

Remember when they used to release their quarterly reports? And then they stopped? Remember when they used to tell us subscriber numbers, and now when they tell us, it includes China. Now it's the voting numbers that are sekrit importunt numbers, and all we get are coy and frustrating remarks from CSM reps who have seen the numbers (and hint that they're promising.) I would be surprised if CCP gave us the percentage of voters to subscribers this year, because that does tell us subscription numbers.

And CCP Dolan is downright frustrating as well. For a dude that is managing the CSM project, a player-represented project, he should be more available to players via Twitter and the forums. If the dude is being given a community representative job, then he should make himself available to the community to answer questions. He did a fucking great interview with Xander, don't get me wrong, and he seems like a nice guy, but beyond that he's been the invisible man.

So at least you know what got me on today's path :-p
  1. CCP being more secretive with the numbers is something that the CSM should address and get us a solid answer on.
  2. Quarterly reports are something that my corp would have light meetings on. What to plan for the next quarter, what we all see as the trends. It needs to be back more often.
  3. CSM being cryptic is something that we need to get them to stop doing NOW.
  4. I bet your right. We will only get the percentage of voters and not the actual numbers.
  5. CCP Dolan as the community representative makes as much sense to me as CCP Unifex leaving to go to the mobile decision. I just don't think either one of those decisions were very well thought out.So those are my thoughts on what they wrote. What about our thoughts over here at GetCo? Well I'm glad you asked!

Since everyone seems to be happy about the new cruise missile changes I just wanted to let you know something. GetCo isn't happy! Why you might ask my young eve player? Because this is going back to what they game used to be like in 2005! Behold the "COLD WAR" edition!

That is when they first seriously nerved the Raven. They promised way back then that they would be tweaking it later. This is 8 years later! Damn CCP! This is where they did their first serious nerfs to the missile system. Here is how they put it:

Missile Warfare: Faster flight times, target-velocity to payload-ratio-damage-output factoring, introduction of new skills to specialize in missile usage proficiency

This totally took the Caldari battleships out of the PvP arena and you have never seen a Raven in PvP since. They continue to use today's ideas and mechanics on the Future's missile designs. I am telling you CCP has no idea how missiles work in real life or in Eve. That was Rev 1.

Their second attempt and tackling this problem and nerfing it ever more was obvious to us when they tried to pass it off as a fix - buff.  [Winter] Missile Rebalance 2.0 2012.09.18 Google doc with numbers for the affected missiles. This also was a very poor attempt at fixing the root problem. To the best of my eve notes, docs, pdfs and everything I have created over the years this is still not even close to where the game used to be EVEN after including the new cruise missile changes in Rev 3. I know this for a fact since I use to run the old school plexes in Pure Blind in a Raven when I ran the NEC Alliance. 

ROCK MELTER, you done and gone hit your head on dem rocks your a melting one to many times. I have not read ANY dev blog on any cruise missile changes.

What the hell am I talking about? WHAT THE HELL AM I RANTING ABOUT?!?!?

It is not in a dev blog. It is in the official forums. You will have to be logged in but you can read all about the changes here. Go ahead! I'll wait, need to refresh my drink anyways...

Yes, NOT in a Dev Blog. How nice. How quaint. We have already discussed in the past how less then 20% of the people that play eve read the forums. So lets post some game information that people might find useful where 80% of the people don't know it exists. Brilliant!

You know, CCP wants us to write about the last 10 years of the game. I don't think they understand what they are asking here. Today's post is just one of at LEAST a hundred that I can talk about on how CCP keeps micro managing the game, breaking it and then taking in this case 8 years to try to address the problem. Do they really know what they just asked me to do? I seriously doubt it, but now that the genie is out there will be more blogs like today's. I can't wait to see how this pans out with the CSM or even if it gets mentioned.

<As ROCK MELTER walks away shaking his head he can be heard mumbling something about wanting his Mission Raven back>

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