Saturday, April 13, 2013

Another shot at the miners...

OK, today's rant is a real doozie that will "put a hitch in your get along"...

CCP Fozzie made this post on Ship Resistance Bonuses that goes into pretty good detail on what will be happening in Odyssey when it is released. If you care about such things then I reckon that this covers even more then the 44 ships total that are listed. I have underlined the ones below that I find disturbing.
  • Shield:
  • Ibis, Taipan, Merlin, Worm, Harpy, Cambion, Moa, Gila, Eagle, Onyx, Broadsword, Drake, Ferox, Nighthawk, Vulture, Tengu, Loki, Skiff, Mackinaw, Hulk, Rokh, Scorpion Navy Issue, Rattlesnake, Chimera, Wyvern.
  • Armor:
  • Impairor, Punisher, Vengeance, Malice, Malediction, Maller, Sacrilege, Mimir, Vangel, Devoter, Phobos, Prophecy, Absolution, Damnation, Loki, Legion, Proteus, Abaddon, Archon, Aeon.
We just went through this CCP. Why do you always have to screw with the game. Let me jog your memories in case you forgot. Ship Balancing: Mining Barges By CCP Tallest

ok, so let me see. With the whole Tiericide initiative that has been going on the exhumers will be getting hit twice. Seem like James315 is getting his wish, easier miners to gank.

This is ridiculous change to the ships listed above and we all know a blanket nerf when we see one. The nerfing HICs makes them even worse to pilot, triage will worse, and everything else this will touch is completely opposite of anything I would have asked for. Even the Tech III fleets will be effected by this. I can not believe that CSM7 would of supported this and if they did then shame on them for not talking to the player base. If this is bothering you then get over to the forums and let the folks over there know. Let the CSM know too.

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