Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Leave my !@# $%^& Ice alone!

ok, with the CSM 8 elections going on, yes I voted, I have been reading everything from everyone in blog posts, pod casts and forums everywhere. Special thanks to Xander Phoena over at Crossing Zebras for the endless HOURS of pod casts that I listed to. YOU sir made my life a lot easier in this process! So now that I have voted and passed along my thoughts on that process to my corporation GetCo I now get back to my rants. Yes, I have about a dozen drafts I am working on and now it is time to let them loose.

  1. Rant number one for today starts with what I just read over at The Nosy Gamer. I will quote it here for your benefit but that is a blog you should subscribe to.

    "The first subject involved the upcoming redistribution of resources throughout New Eden.  I'm not sure this will appear in the summer expansion but I found the segment interesting nonetheless.  CCP Soundwave stated that he believed that the current sov mechanics were just a small part of the problem with null sec.  I think that some people will get a shock from hearing what may about to descend on players..."
    CCP Soundwave - “We’re going to be tinkering around with minerals.  Personally I’d like to see some changes to ice, for example.  There’s a lot of interesting opportunities there.  I think ice is very underplayed as a very tactical resource. Like it should essentially be the oil of Eve Online... It would be good if it was something that people thought about instead of something you get from endless mining barges in Empire that may or may not be piloted by people.”

    CCP Solomon - “One of the key drivers for this work we’re doing, and this come a lot from the CSM Summit, is people are looking for resource contention and acquisition to involve more people.  They were concerned that it was too static and it was in the hands of the few. And rather -- we don’t necessarily want to stop that -- but rather encourage large-scale organizers to lobby more people in terms of gathering and exploiting these resources and working the space.  So just systems have more of a feeling that they are busy and there’s activity going on there.  That’s very much been a driver when we’ve been looking at this resource work and kind of the high-level goals we want to hit.”
    CCP Soundwave in my opinion is ALWAYS looking for conflict drivers. He will never be happy with Eve Online unless every damn person is shooting the hell out of each other. If I had to single our one Eve Online Developer that does not understand that Eve Online is a Sandbox and that not everything has to be combat it would be him. Soundwave, this message is directly pointed at you. STAY THE HELL OUT OF MY SANDBOX!

    Now if CCP Solomon is being honest here, I am going to have to take up a HUGE problem then with CSM7. I made bold and underlined what I seriously have a problem with in his statement above. CSM7, this message is the same one I just told CCP Soundwave, who are YOU to tell me how to play my game?!? I am 100% sure that neither my Alliance, Corporation or myself were consulted with you telling CCP that we are looking for more Resource Contention. Your brains freeze while in Iceland? I will put it another way for you. HELL NO!
    It simply amazes me that the Null or Wormhole Alliances can think with such narrow focus. Add that to the limited visions of some of the developers like CCP Soundwave above and you then wonder why Eve Online continues to fail at getting the subscription numbers that CCP Seagull and CCP Unifex want? If you doubt what I am saying, read the CSM7 Winter Minutes, first section with them in it, "The Next Decade" and read it for yourself.

    End thought: Lets make Eve Online harder for everyone. Lets make it more tedious. Lets make it more meta gaming. How about lets hope CSM8 gets it right and lets hope CCP Seagull can make CCP Soundwave HTFU and STFU at the same time. Comments below.

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